The 38th Annual MidWinter Meeting

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Welcome to the 38th ARO Midwinter Meeting, our fifth visit to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. Our 2015 program includes over 1,178 submitted presentations, 17 symposia – three featuring young investigators - three workshops and exhibitors. 

At daily Mentoring Sessions for young investigators (4-5 pm Saturday and Sunday and 12:30-1:30 pm Monday and Tuesday - bring your lunch), mentors and peers exchange ideas on different topics in navigating careers. 

The Presidential Symposium (Saturday 8 am - noon), “Diverse Ears Serving Diverse Tasks: Communicating, Moving, Learning, Deciding”, samples the breadth and innovation in current ear-related research. Six speakers illustrate the imaginative application of model systems and new technologies to a wide range of questions, from the development of the vestibular periphery to decision-making and vocalization.

At the ARO Business Meeting (Sunday, 6-7 pm), we update the state of the Association, transfer leadership from the 2014 Council to the 2015 Council, including the new President, Larry Lustig, and hand out prizes – you can enter the prize draw when you visit the exhibits.

The inaugural ARO Public Lecture (Sunday 8 pm, National Aquarium in Baltimore) features complementary presentations on navigation by sound in blind humans (Daniel Kish) and in animals (Cindy Moss), in a beautiful setting just a half-mile from the meeting hotel.

At the Awards ceremony (Monday 6- 7:30 pm) and reception (7:30-8:30 pm), we celebrate the people and work that merited several awards, including the Geraldine Dietz Fox Young Investigator Award and the ARO Award of Merit: Dr. Tom Friedman (NIDCD), for pioneering research in the genetics of hearing and deafness. This year’s awards ceremony includes special recognition of Geraldine Dietz Fox for her long and substantial support of hearing researchers.

A memorial (Tuesday 3:30-5:30 pm) is being held for David Mountain, who died in November 2014. David was an expert in cochlear mechanics and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, with many friends, colleagues, and students in the ARO.

Rollex Band returns to the Hair Ball (Tuesday 8 pm – midnight). This popular event began in 2006 as an offsite “Patch-Clampers Ball” instigated by those hair cell and dance enthusiasts Bill Roberts, Mark Rutherford and Paul Fuchs.

Each MidWinter Meeting depends on the hard work and innovative contributions of many ARO members in various committees, especially the Program Committee, with energetic and thoughtful assistance from Talley Management. Thanks to all. To help us continue to improve, please respond to a survey you will be sent after the meeting, and consider joining a committee - see “About Us” at for the options and contact to volunteer.

Best wishes for a productive and fun meeting,

Ruth Anne Eatock
ARO President, 2014-2015